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Thread: Using ftp for websites

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    Using ftp for websites

    It has been such a long time that I have tinkered with this that I am at a loss to getting my website to required please.

    I have uploaded my files from my PC to the server using FTP.
    Prior to loading....should I change all the file paths for the links....if so how far up the filepath do I need to go as I have exhausted everything that I know.

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    I managed to get it..................

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    No idea what you're on about Jingzy, but what's your web site about?

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    You need to be using relative file paths... If your links are something like c:\mywebsite\images\foo.jpg then you need to change them, assuming your html (or whatever) is in c:\mywebsite\index.htm then your links need to say images/foo.jpg

    After you've done that it should be a case of just uploading your entire directory as is.

    Are you using something like MS word to edit your html or something?

    (I'm assuming you're talking about your own website?)

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    I managed to figure it out Mat, but thanks for the reply.

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