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Thread: selling via rfd

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    selling via rfd

    Hi to All
    what is the correct requirement when selling a fire arm via a RFD should the seller pick up the cost of RFD charges or should the buyer be responsible the transfer cost of the rifle postage and RFD charges.

    thank you for your thoughts.

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    my chap does it for free, I just pay parcelforce costs and normally pick them up for the buyer, but its always agreed up front

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    It would usually be the buyer who would pick up the rfd costs unless stated otherwise as the seller would probably advertise a face to face price so any extra would have to be paid by the buyer. Some sellers would maybe spit the costs 50/50 but its up to the individual

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    Mine charge to put into their system they give me a letter saying I've sold to the shop technically , they also then charge me to post item that's it

    whether whom the item is going to charges the other person any costs is up to them

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