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Thread: Triple Pistol Case

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    Triple Pistol Case

    Hi All - I have 3 Weihrauch pistols which I would like keep in a decent travel/storage case (as opposed to their original boxes) - anyone use a good double/triple case that they can recommend or might fit the bill?
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    Ages ago, I built my own from plywood to take to matches, holding 4 hand guns upgright, with all ammo and tools below, in a drawer.

    But what I use now for a variety of pistols, including two Pardini air pistols, is a $10 plastic tool box, about 20 inches inside, with a full tray on top. I cut foam made for a rifle case to fit in there and hold up to 2 match air pistols or 4 handguns upright but fully enclosed and supported. Pellets, ammo, tools, oil, rags, shooting glasses go into the tray.

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    Thanks Southern - I was thinking it might be a DIY job to get it just right but hadn't thought of them sitting vertically - need to make the time to do it well so might CNC some foam
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    No need for CNC. Just get one of those break off wallpaper trim knives at the paint store and slide the blade out all the way, then go through the foam like a bandsaw. The toolbox is light weight, lockable, and looks like a ... tool box, instead of a gun box.

    If you use something heavier, like a plumber's tool box, made of steel with a steel tray, you can mount a small spotting scope ( like a Nikon XL ) in the lid and swing it out and lock it with thumbscrews; it is heavy enough to hold the scope in place on target while you are shooting. I did this with my homemade wooden gun box, for shooting at 50 meters and used it to carry my pistols and spot rifle targets at 100 and 200 yards, as I moved from range to range inside a gun club.

    I will take a photo of my boxes when I get back to my man cave this weekend and post them here.

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    - for etiquette sake - muzzle up or muzzle down?
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    I have my foam cut so the barrel is horizontal, and supported by a foam shelf. Then I put a thin sheet over the top of all the pistols and the tray in on top of that, but supported on its own, not by the foam. So my sights are untouched. I just move blocks of foam around to fit a pumper gun, a compressed cylinder air gun, 1911A1, S&W M-41, revolver, whatever.

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    What dimensions would the case internals need to be I have a peli case that might do the job I used to keep a camera in it.

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    This is not mine, but close enough to give you the idea: about 20 inches long.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks both - the 45 & 75 (pictured) are the same size (11" x 7" x 2") - the 40 is slightly smaller.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This small photo may not show enough contrast, but I can try another angle.The
    The top layer of foam in 1 inch thick. There is a half-inch piece of foam on the bottom of the box.
    The barrels are resting in the slots. I change out the blocks underneath to support different pistols, but it does not require much changing to support a wide variety and sizes of revolvers, autopistols, and air pistols.

    This box is made by Contico. Inside it is 22 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 11 inches deep to the top of the bottom system. The tray sits 2 inches down into this.
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