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Thread: Humberside police licence turnaround

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    Humberside police licence turnaround

    Does any one have information regarding the turnaround time of fire arm licenses with Humberside police.
    I am waiting for a renewal and have heard nothing from them.
    Have sent in paperwork and had a PSO come round to my home address .

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    No idea about Humberside, but they can't be any worse than Lincolnshire. Applied for my renewal in October as it was due to expire in December and i am still waiting. When I phoned yesterday to check they said it will be done this week. Shocking.....

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    Good news ,my renewal and variation is complete.
    Received the shotgun certificate on the day it was due to expire, its a good job the enquiry team had plenty of notice to process the paperwork ,they must have been really busy since 12th December, four and a half months , best not to rush these things.
    Funny thing is, they cashed the cheque as soon as they received it.
    Good job they don't run a business,
    Is it me or what ?

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    Lincs and Humberside are 18 weeks at the moment.


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    I got my variation in 15 days and my fiancée has been told 16 weeks for grants.
    Thanks Daniel

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    That's is what they are saying but they are taking 34 week on average

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    Seems BASC don't want to follow up on the "efficiencies" being financed by the fee increases.

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    Just got home to examine the coterminous shotgun and section 1 certificates.
    After waiting four and a half months Humberside, have omitted to include the use of 308 and 243 rifles for deer stalking.
    This is after I included the shooting lease, ordinance survey map, and shooting permissions from the land owner .etc..
    However, they have included the use of muzzle loading pistol and ammunition, totally confused by this one, as I don't shoot muzzle loading pistol.
    I shall have to write to the chief constable and ask him, if perhaps, he could shed some light on this matter.
    They couldn't organise a jolly good drink in an establishment that produces alcohol.

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    Waited a good while for my certificates to be renewed only to find the new ones expired on the same date as the old ones all good now second time around.

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