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Thread: what a sh##hole we live on. REVENGE.

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    what a sh##hole we live on. REVENGE.

    Further to norma 308 post (I used your title) I had my revenge today.
    I live down a small lane which is a right of way, but land not owned by highways. The land is owned by me and my neighbours, but as I'm the only one who uses it I tend to keep it tidy, maintain the road, mow the verges etc. It's a nice approach to my property which is rural and fairly natural looking. That's how I want it.

    Now the other day (yes in the day) some rotten sh** decided to dump a whole van load of household rubbish on the verge. Kids toys, brick rubble, clothes, fish tank etc.
    Well they were stupid enough to leave their address in there. I reported this to the council who intend to try and prosecute, but that could take a while. In the mean time the rubbish will have to sit there until a court order instructs them to clear it up.

    Well I ain't waiting for that I thought, so this morning I took a drive to their house. Knocked the door, introduced myself and explained the situation.
    They of course know the council is taking action and realise they are in a bit of a difficult situation. They apparently allowed a job in builder to remove the waste he created doing a job along with the other stuff. Paid him 40 to move a skip load of stuff!!!

    Anyway turns out one is a solicitor and the other a probation officer. I pointed out that since they are both professionals that rely on having a squeaky clean record, it wouldn't be very wise or financially sensible to risk that.

    I advised they should take the initiative and get this stuff moved.

    Well they did and this afternoon they paid for and came and filled a skip with all their junk.
    Job done.

    Very pleased with my persuasive powers and a good outcome. They have confirmed they will definitely not be using foreign builders any time soon.

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    Hi Now that sounds like a good result, bet you felt good when you seen it being removed.

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    well done mate I'm sure this sort of thing happens alot with cowboy builders preferring not to use landfill or waste recycling facilty and find a nice quiet lane to tip .

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    A friend of mine is a smallholder and he owns a field which was opposite a a new building site and the entrance to the site was very small so the builders all parked along the grass verge on the side of the road and threw a lot of rubbish over his hedge onto his field.

    So he complained to the site office and they said they would get it stopped.
    This lasted for about two weeks and it started again, by this time they had opened a sales office with a nice young lady working in it and again my friend complained about the rubbish and she said she would get it stopped and cleaned up, this lasted a week.

    So my friend for the next month collected the rubbish in bin liners until he had 12 bags full of all sorts, he watch the sales office from his house on a Sunday afternoon until it was full of people wanting to buy a house.

    He backed his car which had all the rubbish in the back very close to the door so noboby could escape without squeasing between the car and the door, he opened the door to the sales office and the boot of his car and said to the sales lady I have collected all your rubbish off my field and here it is and emptied all 12 bags on the office floor got back in his car and drove away.

    He did not have any more litter problems and a case of wine appeared on his door step with a sorry letter.

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    Good on you mate,
    lve just finished the extension on my house, and some foreign cowboy builders knocked on saying they would move the bits I had piled up on the drive,

    i wouldnt trust em as far as I can throw em,

    i told em to do one and not to come knocking on doors around here again

    the only way you can get rid of a skip load of rubbish for cheaper than the hire of a skip is to fly tip it, or take it to the tip yourself

    nice one pal


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    Good on you for taking action might have taken ages otherwise
    i hate to see litter scattered everywhere unfortunately I see loads on the side of the road
    in my job. peoples attitudes are well it will give someone a job to pick it up
    Bloody ***** attitude
    regards pete

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    You just can't sit by and let this stuff go on. That's why this country is in such a state. People get all worried about kicking up a stink, but in my opinion if your in the right, honest and reasonable not to mention polite (all be it in a persuasive manner) no one can take any action against you that would result in any problems.

    We just need more people to take a stand and also stick by their principles and morals and things would be better. It won't happen because no one gives a s**t about the man next door, never mind where their junk ends up.
    Still I'll stick to my principles.

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    I bet the 2 professionals who ended up paying twice didn't inform the council who the true fly tippers so they could be prosecuted like they deserve.

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    Always ask for their waste carriers licence and take the address and licence number

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