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    surrey police

    I see on the news that two of the firearm licencing team at surrey police are being reported to the crown prosecution service over the shootings in Farnham by john lowe . im shocked by this as I have meet the whole team and what a real nice bunch they are you would think that surrey police would be behind the licencing department and not looking too shaft them.

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    "Three Surrey Police employees are being investigated for gross misconduct by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) over the decision to return the weapons."

    "Surrey's Police and Crime Commissioner Kevin Hurley said as the trial was now over the inquiry could focus on why Lowe was given back his guns. Factors which would be investigated included whether the decision had been made because of "human error by negligence, as a genuine mistake, or as a result of funding cuts to backroom staff", he said."

    Sounds fair enough to me. If they went by the book then there will be no repercussions against them. It might even highlight the gross under-funding of FLDs currently taking place.

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