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Thread: Brand New Ruger 10/22 Issue - Help

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    Brand New Ruger 10/22 Issue - Help

    I have a brand new Ruger 10/22 Target Tactical which arrived last week.

    It has an ATEC mod and factory heavy barrell.

    6-24 x44 Hawke vantage scope and came with cheap hawke mounts - replaced with Leupold straight away onto a factory weaver rail.

    So i am 50% happy, it groups, shoots straight but will not zero. there seems to be a massive mis-alignment. At 30m it will shoot almost on target (1 inch low) with scope hooched right up and rear ring shimmed with 2 bits of credit card style plastic. This is no good, i want to zero at 50m and be able to shoot at 100m with scope clicks.

    Unacceptable, but before it gets returned, any ideas? I have read on US .22 forums about barrel droop.

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    The first thing I would try is a different scope and see if the scope is the problem.

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    And/or a different scope rail. If holes permit, try turning the scope rail around. If that doesn't work, remove the credit card bits from the rings as that arrangement can mess up the scope. Then pack the rear of the rail until the scope is on target when optically centred. Then remove the rail and use a plastic metal compound to angle the scope base correctly. Be sure to use a release agent (a good dose of wax furniture polish) to ensure the rail doesn't stick to the rifle's action. Job done.

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    On a new rifle, I think I would get it checked out first

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    Thanks gents, think i will give it a couple more hours process of elimination combos (inc different scope) then send back if no joy.

    Slightly dissapointed, just doesnt make sense for a new gun and new scope to be so far out.

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    If the scope needs to be shimmer that much is it possible the rail is elevated but put on back to front?

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    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

    Ctrl-Alt FACT

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    Is the scope new?, Is the reticle "centred" (properly)?
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    I had the same problem when I put a Leupold one piece mount on my 10/22. Had to grind the base down to get it right.
    Changed over eventually to a genuine Ruger weaver/picatinny rail as I sold the scope and never had a problem since.
    So it was either the scope or the rail, as the mounts have been used on other scopes since, sorry I just can't tell you which.
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    My money is on the rail as i had that issue. Ended up picking up a new one in NYC when over there....

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