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Thread: New job anyone, Hedgehog dog handler on Uist

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    New job anyone, Hedgehog dog handler on Uist

    Seen this in today's Scottish Farmer (and it's not April the 1st) SNH is wanting a dog handler and dog trained in finding hedgehog dens. It's for the wader project to protect breeding waders have also got a mink eradication scheme up there for waders and the sea birds

    So if any off u have a dog trained for locating hedgehogs this could be the job for u.
    Basically the systematic search for hedgehogs/dens throughout the islands, walking 15km a day and some night work. You MUST demo ur dogs ability to find the dens and must have experience of working with dogs to search for live game. 14.5 k Rolling seasonal (whatever that means)

    Info at

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    And to think the bloke at the job centre laughed at me when I said I wanted to stay in the hedgehog industry!

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    14,500.00!..........& All the Hedgehogs you can eat!
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    We had a Vizsla called Merlin and that dog was magic with them, he retrieved them all the time albeit very gingerly balancing them between his teeth. Bloody useless with pheasants though. You cant have everything though can you. Hedgehogs seem to be in very short supply in Shropshire and I would imagine the large Badger population may have something to do with this possibly.


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