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Thread: Winter for a moment in the South West

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    Winter for a moment in the South West

    Had a glimpse of what winter is supposed to look like last Saturday morning. Also managed to get between a good group of fallow on first light and their daytime resting place place.
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    Nice photo !

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    Amazing. I think we've had four light frosts this winter, and one morning there was very patchy, very thin snow that you could see through for an hour or so. Everything's been soaking wet for months though to the extent that some plants in my garden have just rotted in the ground.

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    Nice capture, but I recon she clocked you

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    Quote Originally Posted by .25-06 View Post
    Nice capture, but I recon she clocked you
    Yep she did unfortunately, so she's at the game dealer along with 2 others from the group. We have had a lot of fallow around this year so needed to get a few more but always better to take the younger animals. Never like taking mature does late in the season or before Xmas if they've dependents but it has to be done sometimes.

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