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Thread: carcass extraction

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    carcass extraction

    What do you use for carcass collection, extraction & dressing out of your Deer ?
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    I use a pony for all of my extractions.... shanks' s pony that is
    in fairness I would love a quad or 4x4 but there just to much money for me with a young family but maybe next time I get a new car I wouldnt mind trying to upgrade the old 307 to somthing like a x trail or similar small 4x4
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    Carcass extraction

    Very interesting.......The trailer I use is to go through some major changes this summer and you pic has given me food for thought. Saying that I do especially like muntjac to avoid all the hassle.....especially if you have someone willing to backpack them out for you...
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    Roe is always over the shoulders on paracord. Red can be manual all the way out or to Landy/Argo/quad. Sure I gave s picture somewhere of a quad with 9 or so beasts on it !

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    Good Quality Roe sack or paracord the legs.
    I have considered an Ikea shopping bag as it folds up small in the pocket to allow me to stalk light but yet to try it.
    I just couldn't see a Quad getting where I need to extract from, just too wet and boggy, Argo? maybe, but only shoot the odd roe so doesn't warrant the investment.

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    i would really like to get hold of one of those kellty game carriers but to be honest i cant find anyone in the uk who stocks them or anything like it

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    Very cool bit of fabrication in the OP. Looks like a selection of clean head/neck shots.

    i use supermarket delivery baskets cable tied to the quad. 2 on the back, 1 larger (veg box) on the front. can take 4 roe no problem.

    for the last year or so i have opted to do as much of my roe prep in the field immediately with knife and mini saw. Head, legs, full gralloch, open up the chest and pelvis. Saves on mess/clean up at the other end and makes everything lighter and smaller for extraction.

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    Just having the cover made for my trailer. Quad goes inside then can tow if required. Sides lift up to make covered area at side of trailer. Got a little derrik that drops into any of the corner posts for suspended grallock or loading carcass. Have a few other ideas of little attachments that could make it more useful. I'll do a few pictures once I get it back.

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