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Thread: best powder and velocity for .223 50gn bullets

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    best powder and velocity for .223 50gn bullets


    I've just loaded some 50gn ballistic tips for my .223 which has a 22 3/4" barrel using varget ay 27gns (full case), velocity is pretty poor at 3122 fps over the chrony. I'm looking to try a new powder.

    what are you guys using and what velocities are you getting? I was hoping to get 3400 fps out of it.

    thanks very much in advance

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    N133 24.8 with a 52grn amax work up to this

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    I use H4895. Started at 23.5 grains, found a beautifully consistent sweet spot at 25.0 grains - max is reckoned at 27.0(compressed load). My rifle has a 1:9 twist rate.

    Velocity I don't know, and don't mind. It's more about how well it works in your particular rifle.

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    dont worry about 200fps
    worry about accuracy

    3400 and a 1" group is fine at 100 yds but if its a 4" at 300yds that is not as good as a 1/2" grouo at 100 and 2" group at 300 and a MV of 3100

    none of my .22 CF accuracy loads are hot

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    Since you have Varget, try some other bullets. Swap with a friend for some Sierra or Hornady.

    For 50 to 52 grain bullets, 25.x of Varget should be an accurate load. Try 26.x grains Benchmark, 25.x grains of Ramshot TAC, BL-C2 or IMR-4064.
    Move up to a heavier bullet, and CFE-223 and get as much or more velocity with a less than maximum accuracy load.

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    26 grains of N133 with a Rem 7.5 primer, Lapua case and a 50 grain Nosler BT is perfection in mine....I wont give you the velocity as nobody ever believes me.

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    H4895 26.5 grains v max 50 grain bullet don't know the velocity yet but will get it chronographed at the range.
    20 inch barrel
    this load works well for me.

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    N133, Oh, & there's also N133, Oh, & Benchmark had some spectacular results on bunnies.
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