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Thread: How many makes a herd?

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    How many makes a herd?

    I was heading from Glasgow up to Fife this morning and looking for deer in the usual spots. In a large field adjacent to the M876 where I often see deer (think 6 would be biggest group to date) I counted 16 deer this morning. All heads down feeding and evenly spread within an area of no more a footie pitch in size.

    How unusual is it to see that number together? There will still be youngsters with their mothers but even so I was surprised to see so many.

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    I take it you mean Roe Deer? Thats a lot,most we get down here is around 6-8 occasionally.

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    Roe Deer (collective noun is bevy)?
    afaik they collect together (on occasion) in larger than normal groups to exploit reasources but don't really 'herd' as such.......

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    I could give some relatively unhelpful answers:

    1. Many population ecologists would say that 'more than one' is a herd.

    2. Most social ecologists would say it's only a herd if membership is stable over the long term: ie. the same animals stay together over several weeks or months.

    If this is roe, then they are unlikely to associate together over the long term: they just happen to have aggregated for a short time on a patch with a good food supply.

    Since I'm a social ecologist, I'd say you saw a 'temporary, resource based aggregregation', not a herd. But that doesn't really trip off the tongue. A rabble of roe?

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    They group up at this time of year, seen a 7 and 12 recently

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    Sorry! Yes it was roe. Question in the title was a bit flippant as I know they don't herd as such. Just surprised to see so many in a group.

    By the way I've just driven back home and there were least 8 visible at the same spot. May well have been more but not so easy to count heading in that direction!

    i wonder who owns the shooting...

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    Here any more than three is a 'mob"
    "you nae be needing these no more"
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    I saw groups of 30 to 40 Roe in the Czech Rep a few years ago - this was in the winter after heavy snow.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Don't ask Bagio. The controversy caused between the difference of a few and a couple was all I could bear earlier this week. I off now before this gets complicated and my little brain goes into overdrive.

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