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Thread: Change of law for Starting Pistols?

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    Change of law for Starting Pistols?

    I was reading the scottish sun today ( well known for its accuracy on firearms law and related issues, NOT )it goes on to say that the Olympic .380BBM pistol will be illeagal as of 4th of June. I take it the .380 models refers to the calibre/blank case?

    2 Questions
    1 Does anyone know of this change to the law exisits (or simply a slow news day, which is easily possible)

    2 I have a .22 blank pistol for dog training no idea wot model (model before the day glo oranage ones came out) is that also included?

    cheers in advance cb

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    Amnesty targets starting pistol owners

    Nationwide amnesty for Olympic .380 BBM blank firing revolvers

    Friday 16 April 2010, 11:02am

    Between 16 April and 4 June 2010, Thames Valley Police is participating in a nationwide amnesty for a particular type of blank firing revolver called an ‘Olympic .380 BBM’.
    Members of the public will be asked to surrender Olympic .380 BBMs, mainly used as starting pistols at sports events, to their local police station as part of a drive to recover as many firearms of this type as possible.
    The Olympic BBM has been the subject of recent media coverage because it can be easily converted by criminals to fire real bullets. Information from the Metropolitan Police suggests that there have been a number of illegal conversions across the capital.
    Following independent tests carried out recently by the Forensic Science Service (FSS) the revolvers were found to be readily convertible to fire real bullets and this made them prohibited weapons under Section One of the Firearms Act 1982, and sections one and five of the 1968 Firearms Act, thus making them illegal to possess, supply or transfer within the UK. There is a mandatory five-year prison sentence for the possession of such a firearm.
    Olympic BBMs have commonly been available through registered firearms dealers and other outlets such as hobbyist stores and model shops. They have a primary colour to indicate that they are an imitation firearm, and they require no licence.
    The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) takes the view that Olympic BBMs present a clear danger to the public. ACPO and the Home Office are currently involved in a programme of activity to stop the supply of Olympic BBM blank firing revolvers to the UK by engaging with the trade, associated organisations and the public. The Olympic BBM amnesty is an important part of this activity.
    The amnesty, which is being held across all 43 police forces in England and Wales, will start on 16 April and owners of Olympic BBMs can take the revolvers into police station front counters until midnight on 4 June 2010.
    Det Ch Insp Ray Howard of the Force’s Intelligence Bureau said: ‘While there are no recorded incidents involving the use of these firearms within the Thames Valley Police area there has been clear identification of them being used in other parts of the UK in a converted state to commit criminal activity. In the light of that information it is important to take these preventative measures to take as many of these out of circulation as possible in order to protect our communities from any potential misuse’
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    Cheers Ash exactly wot i was looking for.

    Jist been out to garage and mine is an olympic 6 is all i can see so hopefully a different model althou the pictures look very similar.
    Will the .380 be the calibre as it seems a pretty big dia for firing blanks. Also mines is crappy diecast metal u can see the split in the barrel top and bottom, bloody sure i wouldn't put a live 22 round or even long blank in it. Not that brave
    Anyway i think i'll either phone basc or local firearms boys on tues to be on the safe side.

    Cheers again

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