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Thread: low cost nv compleat set up

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    low cost nv compleat set up

    hi i have used this for 6 months works well shot a lot of rabbits and fox with it .my wife gave me a yukon photon so i can let this go to a new home
    i payed 150 for it i am asking 100 i will post
    the t20 torch has a remote switch and i will include the push button as well the distance depends on your scope my 6x42 dose 100 yards my 16x50 is good for 200 yards

    thank you for looking

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    hi,can you tell me what pill the t20 has please,and whats the mah of the battery,and what camera is inside mate
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    all i know the pill is ir single power 3600mah it is a sony camera

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    still for sale open to offers

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