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Thread: FAC Renewal Derbyshire

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    FAC Renewal Derbyshire

    just want to give Derbyshire police a praise for the service they gave with my renewal
    6 weeks turnaround from start to finish excellent service . Well done Derbyshire police 😀

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    Same here
    Great service !
    Great people !

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    Nice to hear a good news story on the renewal front.

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    Not so good now, I'm 7 weeks into a variation and have been told that there is no chance until after Easter. So much for the Spring Action weekend at Bisley.

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    Just got my variation back, took 9 weeks. Not too bad compared to other areas. Derbyshire are obviously dealing with everything in the order they receive it (which is reasonable and fair to everyone if you think about it). I'm quite happy with that.

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    I've just got my variation submitted and returned by Humberside police in 15 Days. That's from me being in the post office, to the letter being through the letterbox. Asked for 2 new slots to be added, no questions, just sent all the correct paperwork and justification.
    Thanks Daniel

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