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Thread: cz 455 full stock (Stutzen)

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    cz 455 full stock (Stutzen)

    a quick question, what would be a the price you would expect to pay for a .22 CZ455 stutzen which is in good nick, second hand not used. I cannot find a price for new or used but was looking at Pine Martins 452 stutzen and was a little green with envy. regards sbm

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    Well if it won't take a moderator on the end a lot of folks won't want it. Like the nice Zephyr by Steyr Mannlicher (?) in .22RF that sas also so stocked. Nice but not what folk want nowadays.

    Personally I'd price it like any other Brno/CZ that you can check by viewing Guntrader. My Brno Model 5 was cheap for that same reason. It can't take a moderator unless you remove the front sight.
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    My CZ452 stutzen in .22LR was as new boxed and up for 300 on guntrader but reduced to 200 later which was when I 'pulled the trigger'. As new, boxed and virtually unused, the guy got rid as he'd lost the land he was going to shoot over. They are very accurate and fun to shoot, mine was bought as an indoor/outdoor trainer for when I cannot practice with my CZ550 stutzens in 9.3x62 and 7x64. I often search for CZ rimfire stutzens on guntrader where I have seen them advertised as FS (full stock) and find they are few and far between so would suggest you snap it up. Do not confuse this with another CZ model also called an F S which is NOT a stutzen. Chris.

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    Many thanks for the replies. Regards sbm

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