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Thread: hello from london

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    hello from london

    Hello everybody,

    Im a newbie both here and in general. Ive been a member here for some time now but this is my first post as i was getting a bit of an inferiority complex looking at many experienced hunters here.

    I have inherited the love of hunting from my family who were into big game hunting in India but due to the blanket ban, I couldnt hunt there.
    I am now based in the UK where I shoot both clays and game.
    I am very fond of guns, shooting, hunting but dont have much knowledge and hope to learn a lot during my stay here.

    I have 2 shotguns which i use to shoot clays, sporting and Olympic skeet.I also do wildfowling and am a member of a small phesant shoot.
    I have just been through an interview + inspection for my FAC and hope to get my stalking rifles soon.
    I did my DSC level 1 in feb.
    I am also a (lousy) fishing enthusiast and love horse riding. All in all, im in for all countryside persuits.
    Im a member of BASC, couple of wildfowling clubs, a shooting syndicate, a stalking syndicate, a few shooting grounds and the NRA shooting club at Bisley. (Not to mention other internet forums)

    All in all I have had a wonderful time and the shooting community on the whole have made me feel very welcome and have been very helpful.

    I hope members will be patient with my newbie level queries and statements.

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    Born to hunt, forced to work.

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    Hi shooter,

    lots of good advice and help with deer and stalking related things on this site.



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    Welcome aboard, you should come along to the next London meet-up.

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