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Thread: Zeiss Duralyte illuminated reticle not switching off

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    Zeiss Duralyte illuminated reticle not switching off

    I have a Zeiss Duralyte 2-8X42 illuminated reticle scope that has been working a treat since I got it about fours years ago. But I just noticed that the battery for the illuminated reticle had gone. So I put in a new one, okay but then I could not switch off the reticle. I know how to do this, you push both buttons at the same time for one second. I even dug out the manual, and yes this is correct. SO it seems the thing is stuck on permanently which is why the battery ran out. It is supposed to switch off automatically after so long anyway, but it seems stuck. It is very frustrating having recently re-zeroed to have to yank it off and send it somewhere I don't really want to do. Any thoughts? I have not dropped it, left it is water or mistreated it in any way.

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    Get in touch with Zeiss. \i have found their service pretty darn good.


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