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Thread: What field, shooting, walking trousers ?

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    What field, shooting, walking trousers ?

    As the title suggests, what's everyone's favourite ?

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    Fjallraven nils as a general stalking, shooting work trouser silent and great fit. Fjallraven Barents in damp weather the membrane ok for a while but soon gets damp when it's really wet. For the worst weather it's army issue goretex I got a set in green, however been using a kuiu Yukon jacket and trousers and although a little "swishy" are probably the best set I've ever used.

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    Breeks are my favourite trousers.
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    I use some black Regatta cargo pants that I bought a couple of pairs from Sports Direct for only 20 each. They're fully lined, water/shower proof with loads of pockets and more importantly ultra comfortable and silent.

    A mate told me about them and I have to say they're probably as good as anything else I've used which just goes to show that if you can look past the badge then there are loads of bargains to be had out there.

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    +1 Trespass do the same pants and they work ,warm,dry and cheap
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    Prohunters. Have a few pairs and wear them everyday. They are the dogs dangly bits. Habe a pair at 6 years old and they are still waterproof apart from at the knees. But then would hate to think how many deer i stalked wearing them. Wash as normal trousers and even tumble dry them no problems.

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    +2 for Harkila Pro Hunters. Expensive, but buy once cry once. I expected them to be too warm, but often they are just perfect. Tough as nails, silent and comfortable.

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    I bought some Prohunters second hand from here. Very good for cold and wet and high seat...but very snug around the crotch and thighs, a disaster for warm weather walking any distance.

    For more strenuous/active beating and hiking I have some Northface convertible Paramount Peak. One pair I have worn every time I have been beating for the last thirteen seasons (two or sometimes three times a week including September partridge!) Survived countless snags climbing over barbed wire and so comfortable I have never noticed them. Latest ones available...same excellent freedom of movement fit, and tough, breathable, windproof, DWR treated, fast drying, silent nylon material but they now come in khaki as well as grey, but the pockets are not quite as deep as the originals which I prefer.


    P.S. Just looked up the Northface website to check the name of the trousers and they are currently selling the green and brown versions off at half price this thread has cost me 100 pounds worth of stocking up!
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    Non waterproof but fantatic trousers look at Kuhls, I now have two pairs one from USA the other from sales in UK. Very well thought out and great fit, good colours as well.


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