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Thread: REMINGTON 700 S/A Torque settings

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    REMINGTON 700 S/A Torque settings

    Guys I have a Rem 700 S/A LSSF, which I have put a Rem Police stock on, I am going to remove it to put a sling mount screw on it the threaded type with the bolt, and some new bottom metal, I will also be fitting a new PIc rail so will be zeroing from scratch so thought get it all sorted at the same time, my question is what torque do I set the two action screws I have been reading conflicting reports, I have not got a clue what its at at the moment as I never used a TW when I put it on but feel the groups could be tighter, seems factory settings are 45 inch/lbs, and some people vary between front and back, some people swear by 65 inch/lbs all round for pillar or block bedded stocks, just need some input and advice please tks.

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    From what I've seen, read & tried myself you've correctly identified the parameters so it's just a case of trying it at some different points to see what works best for your rifle.

    I use one of these; Wheeler Fat Torque Wrench

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    Cheers for the quick reply the TW I have is in NM and is the ratchet bar type might be too heavy but according to my conversion chart it will do those torques.

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