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Thread: Stutzen in the house

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    Stutzen in the house

    Just got back from picking up a very pretty .22 CZ 455 Stutzen which was for sale only 8 miles from my house. Now I need some advice on what scope would look good on it, it has 30mm rings fitted and will be used for plinking, targets and occassional bunnies (I hope). Very happy indeed. Regards sbmClick image for larger version. 

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    take the rings off and use the iron ones
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    nice very nice ....mounts look v high personally I'd get some medium height mounts and stick a no nonsence 6x42 Schmidt on her .
    just noticed the foresight guess that the reason for high mounts

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    A low magnification 'scope should ghost out the front sight. A nice, cheap, continental 1" glass should do well. As fixed power 1" continental 'scopes aren't popular you should get one as cheap as a new USA 'scope. I've a 6x42 Swarovski on our Classifieds under my Leica binocular list at £350 but you'll get lower power for cheaper. Try Macleod's of Tain.
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    Many thanks for the replies, good food for thought although I am not totally convinced about iron sights, my eyes need all the help I can get regards sbm

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    Mine has a 2-7x32 Leopold on it, in CZ mounts. The rifle came with very high mounts like yours and a horrible, cheap, massive scope on top.
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    I have a stutzen in .243 and mine has a zeiss 6x42 on top. It does all I need

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    those rings are a bit high arent they? better to get lower rings if you want to use a sight.

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    Lovely rifles gents - I would dearly love to add a stutzen of some sort to my collection.

    I do do now though want to go and roll around on some loden - is that common or is it just me?
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