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    Anyone else get bothered by this ,your searching the wonderweb and find something in this case a couple of rifles,and it says contact us and this little form pops up leave us a message and we will get back to you,and then they never do ,once last year three messages and a phone call for a sako75 six months it was up for sale before it went!!!now again this year different firm same rifle sako 75 no reply,s!!! i give up, i will stick with tikkas,,,, arseholes,,rant over i,m going for some camomile tea and a lie down,
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    Many gun shop owners are pretty poor with their communication skills with the exception of people standing in front of them. Even then there are some....

    i expect it's a question of time. Employ someone else to give the required time to do the communication thing or save the money but miss out on sales.

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    Too busy standing behind the counter nattering to time wasters togged up in cammo gear & talking bull$$it. Seen it loads of times and avoid the shops where it goes on.
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    eh eh eh calm down calm down ,come on Doug u know unless you drive there and prise it from their fingers emails is pointless.You have to ring up pay a deposit then drive 200 miles to find theyve sold it to someone else half an hour b4 you got there.Tis the way of the gunshop ,dark mysterious and makes no sense to anyone
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    hi iain it grinds my gears i tried for four of the six months last year looking and enquiring for one ,it was still on their books but no replys,same again different rfd no replys,no wonder they keep going out of business!.same place quoted £74 a box for norma!

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    I was dealing with a gun shop via emails and asked for photos, which they duly sent. i liked the look of the gun and said i would have it. This was about 3pm on a Friday afternoon. I did not get a reply until Monday morning. The person I had been dealing with went home at 3pm, and the shop sold it to someone after she had gone home. I was gutted as i had been looking for a stutzen for a while. Luckily some on here told me about a BSA stuzen with a Zeiss scope on top for the same money.

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    well done,,,,i know they are pushed some times,,,,but come on ,answering an email that (theyve) requested if you need to order or more details and then watch the rifle/rifles slip away,,,its bad for them as well because they have lost a deal and future custom,,,,nevermind on with the quest,,,,

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