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    I am after a few partridge ,reds or greys for a little breeding project willing to travel,top price paid,
    Regards Tony.

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    Ok, one pair to start.ttt.

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    Have u tried phoning round ur local game farms or 1's advertising in back of ST's that will be ur best bet.

    Do u not know any keepers near to you? Althou strictly speaking illegal to catch up any birds now

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    Try Dave Butler Professional wildlife equipment - Perdix Wildlife Supplies who is fairly near you. He breeds greys SPECIFICALLY for successful reintroduction and is a mine of information about it.

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    Thanks Guys, have tried all the above emails, etc ,no one replied?
    Any other ideas,desperate for a few birds,

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    I think that Dave has been away for a couple of weeks, so may be worth trying again or waiting

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    Thank you all for your help I am now sorted thanks to, Gaz on site,
    Cheers Gaz.

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