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Thread: 130 gr .308 barnes tsx

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    130 gr .308 barnes tsx

    Anyboby using them?If so what load and velocity are you getting.

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    Hi Click on the link below for Mats thread on 130g tsx, he lists his velocity

    Let us know how you get on, should be a great bullet


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    Yes, I did get a very high velocity with the listed Barnes load using AA2460, however it is a very hot load which I'm no longer using: when I get my hands on a few more of the 130 grainers, I'm going to develop a milder load. I'm currently running with the 150 grain TTSX and N140 which is somewhat milder

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    Out of interest, what load are you using for the 150gr? I ask as I fancy working a load up for my .308 using the TTSX. I've been using 42.5gr of N140 behind the Nosler 150gr BT's, which seems to suit my rifle.

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    43 grains of N140 seated to 2.800"

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    Hi Mat
    The 43g load sounds fairly sedate as I usually use 46g N140 with 150g conventional bullets, is it a mild load or did you hit pressure signs. Have you any chrono data for the load?


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    I've not chrono'd it as yet, I've used 44 grains too: bear in mind that the ttsx is a much longer bullet than your average leaded softpoint, so you can't fit much more powder in without compressing.

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