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Thread: H4h insurance

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    H4h insurance

    Our DMG has offered stalking to serving soldiers under the H4H theme. Having spoken to Tartenjock we have got most of the ground work sorted out.
    One obvious obsticle is that anyone using our ground or the ground of any of our members must have the usual third party insurance.
    This is a bit of a bind on some of the people wanting to come out with us basically because of the cost.
    I am looking for advice on the cheapest insurance on the go.
    More to the point; Why can't the BASC's / CA etc have a cover for this sort of thing whereby a group can purchase a cover for the taking of people out on a one off basis?
    Maybe they do.........
    If anyone can help on this I'd be very grateful to hear from you.
    Just as a taster;
    One of our group is offering the following for the 2 of the lads from the Blackwatch;
    Stalking Morning
    Clay pigeons Afternoon
    Followed by a Chef cooked lunch / dinner.
    I have tried to enlist but have been told I'm too old.............

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    They could try joining the SGA which will cover them for a year or contact the SGA to see if they will do the visitors insurance which can be done daily.

    Seek and ye shall find

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    If you send a PM to 'David BASC' on this very forum, I'm sure he could help such a worthy cause.

    He is a very approachable and down to earth guy and should be able to give some good advice.

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    Or if cost really is an issue you could try this; @19.95/annum or 12.95/6months

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