Syndicate places availaLaverhay Forest (nr NewtonWamphrey)
780 acres sitka spruce/larch with some open ground(clear felling of 100 acres ) at bottom burn to start mid year (2016).
Holds good number of roe andsika have now been seen on ground.(stealth camera).
To get to the ground come offat j16 m74 and head towards Newton Wamphrey. Continue along this road towardsLaverhay, you will go past a church on your left and then just before a farm onright there is a farm gate. Go through this gate and then the next gate(40yds)and carry on along track (1mile) until you come to a gate with a padlock on it.The code on padlock is ---- Once through gate take the furthest track on yourleft ,this will take you down hill and into the forest. Some parts are fairlysteep but the deer can be found in these quieter areas. Cost is 700 per12month lease. Have a look and let me know what you think. There will be 7 onsyndicate and as discussed 2/3 go there together. if INTERESTED PHONE 07771-662114 RICKSKI55@HOTMAIL.CO.UK
ble by j16 m74 johnstone bridge.