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Thread: Two bucks of a lifetime

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    Two bucks of a lifetime

    Hi folks,

    So on my permission there is this one high seat which I hardly ever sit up because I always feel that the wind direction is too unpredictable and seems to change randomly. Anyway, yesterday afternoon I decided to mix things up a bit and sit up this wild card of a high seat in the hope that something will come out.

    Upon arriving in the farm yard I got ready, boots on, jacket on, binoculars out and finally gun out and loaded up.

    I started to carefully walk round the outskirts of three stubble fields as to keep away from the woodlands edge on my journey to the high seat.

    It was a pleasant evening yesterday, so at the time I really didn't care if I shot anything or not! About an hour or so past and I saw nothing other than a fox and a few rabbits and I was beginning to think that I wouldn't shoot anything.

    A few moments later after glassing the woodlands edge through the mist that had started to roll in as dusk approached I heard some noise in the woodland behind me.... right in the direction of my scent!!!

    I kept still and I slowly turned my head to look over my right shoulder as I continued to hear this noise which had now turned into a crashing noise! Moments later a big dark shadow emerged, followed by another and then 6 more.

    I knew instantly that these were bucks!! I slowly began to raise the Sako A7 in .308, and in doing so spooked the last Buck that had emerged from the wood, and they all stopped and looked... I flicked the safety off and lined up the cross hairs on the second Buck that had come out as it seemed very old, steadied the cross hair on its neck and squeezed the trigger off! The sharp crack from the muzzle of the moderator was immediately followed by a smack from the bullet report and the Buck was down.

    All the other deer legged it apart from one buck which ran 75 yards then stopped, then ran another 50 yards then stopped again broadside. I quickly cycled the bolt to feed another round into the chamber and soon settled the cross hairs just behind its shoulder.... help my breath... then let the bullet fly! Again the crack from the shot was positively followed by an almighty thump and the buck collapsed on the spot.

    With no more deer in the field, I got down from the high seat and reloaded the rifle. At this point I had literally no idea just how special these deer that I'd just shot were, and I slowly walked up to the first deer and could not believe my eyes!!! Now I'm not a trophy hunter, the game dealer wanted two deer and the land owner just wants the deer population reduced, but when I saw the size of both bucks I could not believe it!!!

    The only problem I had was that I was on my own and the car was three boggy fields away!!

    So here they are, they may not be anything special compared to what others have shot, but to me they are by far the best fallow I'd ever shot!!

    Interestingly enough though, the old one was missing a brow tine on one side and this same side the palm was not as spectacular.

    AlexClick image for larger version. 

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    Very nice well done bet you don't do that again anytime soon.
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    That last buck has a really nice head, interesting trophy.

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    Nice job Alex. Never shot a "proper" Fallow buck before. Hopefully some day soon.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    Very well done, good write up...last one I shot was in the neck.

    Interested in the weight when you get time to post.

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    Nice one. A hunt to remember. How did the extraction go?

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    Two lovely bucks, nice one.

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    Thanks for all the replies chaps! I'm over the moon with them and both trophies are being boiled out as I type this.

    That extraction was a bugger, I usually take the quad, but I stupidly lost the keys to a wheel clamp which just so happens to be on the trailer I use to take the quad on!

    They didn't weigh as much as I thought they would, the one with the more "spiky" antlers weighed 104lbs with no head or gralloch, and the other with the shovels weighed only 92lbs, also with no head on. However, when I approached this one with the shovels in the field I thought it looked a little skinny for the size of the trophy, and only this afternoon when I was preparing it to be boiled I noticed it had a broken jaw, just on one side!! Which is probably the reason why it was so skinny!


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    Make sure you keep the jaw and boil it out - all part of the memories!

    Well done on your success
    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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