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    Suffolk Police

    I put in for a variation on Monday and when I got home yesterday Friday,it was on the mat done, now that's what I call a good service. Thanks Suffolk police

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    It's amazing how things differ isn't it. My renewal certificates arrived on Friday too but I had a devil of a job persuading them to let me have a 2nd deer calibre rifle despite being semi professional. That said, they did eventually relent so can't complain too much.
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    I was surprised at how quick Suffolk were. First FAC application took 19 days from sending application off to receiving it through the door. Variation for another deer calibre and a second .22 took two weeks.

    Moving back to Suffolk next week so hopefully I will receive the same speed of service as the wording on my FAC now is wrong (courtesy of Gloucester). Got replacement certificates and they came back without the AOLQ condition even though it was on my original one from them.


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    I dread the day I leave Suffolk, both them and Norfolk set the benchmark pretty high for service. Hats off to them.
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