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Thread: roe deer caller whitch one ?

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    roe deer caller whitch one ?

    need some help lads with roe callers (sorry if its been done before am new lol)i would like to try calling roe deer but i am unsure which ones the best for a novice in calling .i have a few questions if any of the more experienced of you can help
    1/ which one to buy buttolo ?
    2/is the a good video to learn the calls (and practise them)
    3/whens the best time to us it rut?
    4/like the buttolo i belive you can tune the pitch of the call (do you need to or are they preset
    5/any thing else i need to know
    i tryed a buttolo years ago and didnt fair well with it and gave it away (operator at fault i think )i know they are not easy to use or atleast get the call right so any help of info would be greatly apprecaited

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    1. The Buttolo is certainly the easiest of the calls to use. There are others, but for a novice I'd suggest sticking with the Buttolo
    2. I've not seen a video, but Richard Prior's cassette/cd is worth listening to
    3. Hot, sultry, thunderstormy afternoons are best, though I've had bucks respond in the morning and evening as well.
    4. Unlike the reed calls I've never bothered trying to tune the Buttolo. I might use it inside or outside my pocket, and sometimes press it a bit softer, but I can't say I've noticed any difference
    5. Patience pays off! When you call, keep still for 20 or 30 minutes afterwards, as bucks can hear the calls from a long way away. Also, keep looking all around, as sometimes they can come from directions you weren't expecting.

    I'm sure others on here who are more capable at using calls will have some other tips.

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    I recently got one of the Nordik Roe callers, it was in a caller and DVD package. Haven't tried it in the feild yet but look forward to using it this summer on the open farm land around here. The DVD is very good and it certainly seems to do the business, I can easily get the reed caller to make all the right noises although I have been banned from using it in the house, and it sends the Spaniels nuts!!! I've also got the Richard Prior CD and it's good. (I've done the training, just need the experience!!)

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    if you want a copy of richard proirs cd which is good to learn from drop me a pm and ill sort you a copy !

    i was tought to calol roe from a danish client using a buttolo call ,he had shot no fewer than 17 gold medal roe bucks !

    ive just got one of these , from stalking gear who advertise on here , and it is the tits !

    cheers lee

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    Cherry wood call for me. Agree with the others about the Richard Prior tape/cd. Well worth getting. JC

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