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Thread: Munties on the M40/M25 Junction

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    Munties on the M40/M25 Junction

    Has anyone else noticed a pair of Muntjac that seen to be constantly out on the motorway embankment on the M40 at the M25 junction?

    I've seen them twice now and last time managed this (slightly risky) picture - you can just see one at the top of the photo.

    I only ask as it drives me spare when I'm heading back to town having blanked in the woods of Oxfordshire looking for these "shy" deer to see them happily feeding in the open as cars roar past!!

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    i will be going past there at about 8am on my way to essex for a bloody christening i will let you know if there still there

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    Quote Originally Posted by sir-lamp-alot View Post
    i will be going past there at about 8am on my way to essex for a bloody christening i will let you know if there still there
    Thanks! Enjoy the christening!!

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    i saw 3 of them in the same location about 1pm yesterday and a roe about half a mile further on but in a field.


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    Just landed at Gatwick. In cab two minutes and a pair of roe happily feeding in the middle of a field next to the road.

    Think these deer might have cottoned-on to our dawn and dusk in remote woodlands routine fellas!


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    went past the junction this morning at about 8:30 and there was a single muntie doe there looking extremly scruffy somthing ive never seen in muntjac and passed again at 2:30 where there two so theres certainly a few about that bit

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    Amazing isn't it!? There must be a sustainable group living in that embankment. If you saw a scruffy one - I wonder if they've hit maximum density?

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    Push on up the M4 a bit and you'll see 50+ Fallow (J15, 14, 13) chowing down every morning!
    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

    Ctrl-Alt FACT

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    The picture is a bit fuzzy,

    are you you sure it's not a big black cat??? Panther maybe?? Lol

    only jesting mate, Sod's law I see more deer on my way to my stalking ground than I do when I'm there,


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    We came round the M25 from the M11 to the M40 turnoff a few weeks ago a sunny late afternoon, apart from 3 fallow just south of Hatfield we must have seen 10-15 muntjac on the motorway verges.

    The buck in my avatar came from within about a mile of where the two the op sees those two, it's a good area for them
    Hopefully I will have another bit of land coming up round there pretty soon

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