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Thread: What price today?

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    What price today?

    This afternoon I picked up the re-barreled BSA Sporterised P-14 that we believe was a model C.The barrel although new unused was already proofed, threaded, chambered, fitted with the sweated on fore sight ramp and blued.

    The proof marks Birmingham Private View mark dates it to 1954 and the barrel is Cut rifled with Five grooves, pretty normal BSA practice, but there is a stamp on the muzzle which says:-

    I wonder how much a cut rifled and lapped then Ball Burnished barrel would cost today? I wonder even more how many know what "Ball Burnished" is and I seriously doubt there is anyone left in the UK capable of doing so now .

    Lacking a more sophisticated way of checking the bore size I used an old fashioned way and tried a bullet of known diameter, the cast bullet has a bore riding front portion that measures 0.302" and the bore leaves slight marks on this diameter the bore is a nice snug fit :-

    After being is storage since 1954 the barrel has developed some rust spots which I have cleaned up and hopefully killed any live rust on now the inside is like a mirror and when I cleaned the bore with P-H 009 and a bronze brush the dry patches came out clean . I seriously doubt there has been anything down this bore since it was Ball Burnished except some preservative grease.

    Oh the barrel cost 99.98 delivered to the RFD and I wondered what such a barrel made today would cost ? Oh and the headspace is a snug fit on the Go Guage the chamber didn't need touching at all.

    Now if the gentleman with the replacement stock could only find it and let me know the price delivered then I could perhaps finish this restoration and yes the action needs re-bluing or blacking, havign the barrel in a finished state some of threw things out as the original idea was to have the barreled action re-blued that might still happen but we will see. It will be interesting to see how it shoots .
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    Ha!, Brit, this one might give Muir a run!
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    Hi Finnbear,

    Muir is in the loop as we have been swopping PM's over it . Now I test fired it this afternoon with some cast bullet loads and it looks promising only had a few of them loaded up which were done a couple of years back now. I loaded them for the Martini Enfield AC11 I used to have. Now with a little advice from Muir I am sure that I can get a nice accurate load that does not lead the barrel the ones I tried had Reloader 7 in them and recoil was very mild quite a sedate load. As I said earlier now I just need that replacment stock!

    The little test was to check functioning, extraction and see how the shoulder in the chamber looked. I also roughly got the sporting aperture sight roughly sighted in so it hits the paper. It needs a proper session to sight it in properly but that will have to wait until the stock is fitted etc.

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    Those photos give me a warm, fuzzy feeling. (sigh!)~Muir

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