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Thread: Semi-auto shotgun

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    Semi-auto shotgun

    Am looking to buy a general purpose semi-auto 12g, could any one give me some pointers as to the best models out there. Many thanks.

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    AA-12 looks fun.

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    Beretta is as good as they get , just make sure it has sling swival studs as a lot do not

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    Benelli M2 or SBE II, AK47 of shotguns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wcog106 View Post
    AA-12 looks fun.
    There may be a couple problems with that one. The Bora Barrack comes close mind.
    Any Questions Feel Free to PM me

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    I've got a Winchester sx3, it takes 3 1/2 inch shells and can't fault it as an everyday work gun. Not too pricey either.

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    Beretta AL391, pretty much as reliable as you can get, love mine and it has never missed a beat.
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    I have a Browning Maxus and really like it. Not as bulky as some, very pointable and yet still has a 3.5" chamber. Some good deals 2nd hand as they don't seem to hold their money quite as well as say a Beretta extrema or Benelli.

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    Depends what you mean by general purpose. If you want something that'll do everything, including geese, then you might want something that can take 3 1/2" cartridges. I've got a Beretta Xtreme. It recycles any cartridges you care to mention, has been used for pigeon, crow, rabbit and geese and it simply hasn't missed a beat. It's been used in pouring rain, lying in muddy fields and hides and still scrubs up well (although, as a species, semi-auto guns aren't the best looking things). You also get the "kick Ease" (probably spelt wrong) which is a damping system in the stock, which really works in soaking up the recoil with big loads. Are there any drawbacks? Well it isn't the cheapest, but you get a gun made of materials that will last.

    As an example, on a recent trip to Orkney for geese, a mate had a Browning. Whereas I needed to give mine a quick rub down to make it good again, on his, the rust was already starting to show and he had bought it just before that trip!
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    As above really, can't fault my beretta A400. Don't use it as much as my o/u, but it is great for pigeons and clays.

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