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Thread: Stailnless/Blued Barrel's

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    Stainless/Blued Barrel's

    Any advantages/disadvantages of buying a rifle with a stainless barrel as appose to a blued barrel?
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    Stainless is more corrosion resistant, and takes longer to warm up when firing a string of shots, so could get an extra couple of shots off, but it also takes longer to cool down once you do get it hot.

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    plus its heavier,and shiny,but you can coat them,,,,,duracoat/ceracoat,,, paint them and generally abuse them,and obviously do the same to steel/blue

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    Stainless barrels are supposed to be less prone to throat wear.

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    I have one blued 308 barrel and kicking myself I didn't spend more for stainless. The blued barrel is rusted inside before I get home on a day's stalking with our wet conditions. I can't get myself to oil a barrel before going out or after every shot. My deer stalking is 90% in rain.
    Stainless is the way to go. Saying that I don't have much problems with a 223foxing or 22lr rabbit rifle as I mostly only go in dry conditions.

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    I really like to see a nice blued barrel complemented by a high grade wood but as I spend a week at a time on the hill in all weathers it doesn't suit me so I have a synthetic and stainless

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    Edi try putting a bit of electrical tape over the muzzle it'll keep the moisture out and you can shoot through it

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