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Thread: Zeroing targets

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    Zeroing targets

    Hi all
    jet wondering what people are using for zeroing there rifles,
    i normally use a big stump of wood buts it's a little heavy to lift around, I don't have a permanent range generally use a farmers field, I have been thinking of making something that folds out and isn't to heavy and maybe using one of them hardox gongs, it needs to stop a 30-06 and a 308

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    Piece of 2x1 post & house for sale card pinned to it. Doesn't need to be too tall, enough to stick in the ground & easily replaceable. Reasonably sturdy & not too heavy.
    If you don't have a backstop I can't imagine it's safe to shoot.
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    No matter what you use you need a good earth bank, back stop
    especially if you are lying down. bullets often pass straight through
    quite substantial logs.

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    I have a couple of pieces of light ply in the boot of the car. They have a light post attached to one side. They're big enough to take a sheet of A4 paper without the target overlapping the post. I do shoot at gongs occasionally, but not closer than 300 yds. The gong below is at 400 yds.


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    I use a target jammit stand - and a big rising earth backstop - if you've been using a stump then hopefully you've had a rising backstop behind it and your query makes sense, otherwise you need to re-think. Most of the ranges I've been to have witness bullet holes through RSJ's - a stump ain't going to stop much.

    Quick sense check told to me by a wise old shooter (this applies for range or quarry) - hold your hand at arms length and put two fingers together horizontally on the back of whatever your shooting at - if you can see sky above your top finger it's not a safe shot
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    I had a polycarbonate roof on my old conserve and this is prefect as a target backing light but it takes tons of hits gave a few sheets to some guys who still have it on there range jusy use gaffer tape to hold the targets up and your good to go add a bit of 1x2 with a point and two plastic grip clamps happy days, back stop is a must but that's teaching you a suck eggs .
    . my gong setup
    poly go's in same place
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    As said you want at least a rising earth bank and if you can put your target sheet on a few railway sleepers stacked behind one another it'll help the bullet to breakup and slow down

    never fire into anything that contains Flint , rock or brick as you'll increase your chance of a ricochet but I'm sure you know all that anyway

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    The stump is about 2 ft deep there is no chance of a bullet going through that!! I do shoot at the bottom of a very large bank, there is a house at 10 o'clock on top of the hill I know the chances are almost impossible but I would just be more at ease stooping the rounds if using ply, this is why i use the stump as it won't go through but is just a little heavy

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    I used to use millitery ranges and to see the paths of tracer rounds exiting the sand pits doesn't half make you think . i do know one thing a stump of woods not good enough , must be a solid earth type backstop .

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    for quick zero cardboard box with stapled target for longer session in wind council road sign with wooden insert with middle cut out for target again stapled on

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