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Thread: Ali strikes again

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    Ali strikes again

    Yesterday i had the pleasure to accompany Ali for the last stalk of the season. With the Fallow does heavily pregnant we have decided to end our season and give them some peace and quiet, Robin had received a call from one of our landowners to say that a group of fallow have been visiting one of their fields on a regular basis so we decided to arrive early and instead of walking straight to the highseat approach it from the woodland behind the seat so as not to make them aware of our presence.
    We sat for a while talking very quietly and it was not long before a fallow doe trotted out to the middle of the field and started to feed, we watched it for some time hoping a pricket would show.
    The next animal to arrive was a nice mature buck it started feeding some 180 yards away then it walked towards the highseat and stood at around 70 yards scenting the air, although we had the wind in our favour it must have sensed something was wrong as it started trotting towards the woods to our left, i told Ali to be ready and just as it reached the edge of the field i gave a blast of the butello.
    The buck stopped looked in our direction and Ali took the shot, i could see the shot was good but the animal rushed into the woods and we could hear it thrashing around then all went quiet, we gave it ten minutes and found it just inside the wood we checked to make sure it was dead.
    Ali could hardly contain herself she was so excited, a fitting end to very successful season and a nice trophy for her to hang on the wall.
    Cheers Geoff

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    Well done, Ali!

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    Congratulations. That looks like a lovely animal, great eating and a nice set of antlers for the wall.

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    That's a fantastic buck, I'm jealous, well done!

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    that's a lovely trophy for a wild one !
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Great report Geoff and a big well done to Ali.. ��������

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