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Thread: Anyone using Nosler Accubond 180 gr in 308 win?

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    Anyone using Nosler Accubond 180 gr in 308 win?

    Does anyone have any experience with 180 gr Accubond in 308 win? I just bought these and I intend to use them mostly on wild boar but sometimes also on roe deer. I'm afraid the heavy 180 grainer in going to be too tough for roe deer and smaller pigs. Any first hand experience out there?

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    I have used the 165gr Accubond extensively in .308 but not used the 180gr. Have killed a lot of pigs, large and small with no problem and excellent bullet performance. Shot the odd fallow deer with them and no issues.

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    Thanks for your reply.
    I'm wondering if the 180 gr variant has tougher internal construction (like thicker outer coating) as it is basically intended for hunting larger animals. Couple that with lower speeds of the 180 grainer vs. 150 and 165 grainers, and terminal ballistics on smaller animals could be quite different than that of 150 and 165 grainers...
    I guess I'll just wait and see myself.

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    I have sectioned them and can verify that the180 grain ballistic tip and accubond both have very thich shanks...substantially thicker than the 150 and 165 grain bullet. The 200 grain accubond has the same thick shank as well. Obviously the ballistic tip is not bonded, but i think the 180 has a tougher construction than most people realise. Thick shank, but the rest of the jacket appeared same/similar.

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    I have read somewhere (don't know if it's completely correct) that this is also the case with Partition bullets, so it is a sort of a standard thing at Nosler and probably many other bullet makers. The bullets are adjusted according to the size of the animals that are supposed to be hunted with the given calibre and weight of the bullet. So this basically means, that a 90 gr 243 win Partition bullet will be a lot softer, than a 200 gr 308 or 323 Partition bullet, which are specifically constructed with thick coatings for hunting large animals.

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    I have just finished one of our 18" barreled Ratel rifles for a client. Using 180 grn Accubonds . Norma Cases. 39.7 grains of IMR 3031, CCI BR" primer seated at 2.800 from our barrel we got 2520 fps and the test group shot o.176 centre to centre , the client flies out to africa for pains game on Sunday. The bullet will work well on any game that he will encounter. yours respectfully Mike Norris Brock and Norris Custom Rifles

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