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Thread: Disappearing doe

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    Disappearing doe

    After a long morning stalking I thought my luck was out...... The the dog started winding like mad.
    I knew something was about but couldn't see anything. Was checking down in the gully in the gorse thinking it was maybe a fox having a snooze or a roe enjoying the sun but nothing.
    Then I took one more step and a doe and two follower came into view in the gully only 30 yards away. Got on the sticks and waited for a shot then the wind must have swirled and they spooked, looking back just long enough I got line up on her neck and down she went. Reloaded and found my next target but it spooked and went off into the trees.
    I headed over to get the doe but she wasn't there. Scratching my head I double checked I hadn't stopped short I was in the right bit but nothing! The dog found a tiny piece of hair and I start doubting myself, had I just zipped the hair?? Then pip started working on the banking following her down she was standing over the doe which had ended up right down the gully in the burn underwater.
    I must not have seen her go down the banking when I was on the other deer. Was really doubting myself. But luckily I trusted the dog!

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    Good outcome, shows the need for a dog

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