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Thread: Sako optilock rings and bases (short action)

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    Sako optilock rings and bases (short action)

    As stated above, blued optilock bases and mounts please. Or anything else co nsidered that will fit the Sako.


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    30mm rings?

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    0r 1" stainless Tika ( I think they fit. Came with my swarri scope but I will be stickin with what I got now.

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    See here Jingzy if this can help you? I'm sure I have Sako bases too will look later.

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    I'm ok for 1" rings at the moment. It is 30mm that I am needing.

    For info: the Tikka bases do not fit the Sako rifles.



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    I have both SAKO and Tikka bases, the rings are identical and I know the bases are not interchangeable. You didn't specify a ring size.

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    Rangefinder, I think he was referring to my post,

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    PM sent.
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    Hi John, hope all is good with you?

    Are these Optilocks of any use?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	optilock (Large).jpg 
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    They were on a scope I bought a while back - I found them during a clean out a couple of days ago.

    The bases are the same dimensions as on my .243, each 30mm long, so I guess that would be a short action? From the bottom of the base up to the centre of the ring measures ~36.5mm which corresponds to a 'Medium' height on Sako's site. 30mm rings.

    There is a small scratch on the end of the front base (see pic bottom right), otherwise good order.

    Yours for the cost of postage if they're any use to you.

    all the best,


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    If thats the case then I apologise.

    Group hug????

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