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Thread: Drone pro video recorders

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    Drone pro video recorders

    I'm sure there was a thread on here a few weeks ago about which recording device to use with members posting actual video -: for the life of me I can't find it
    help please!!!!!)

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    Depends on your budget but the best of the bunch is the Lawmate 500

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    Quote Originally Posted by RPA 6MM BR View Post
    Depends on your budget but the best of the bunch is the Lawmate 500
    Can you get the Lawmate to record sound as well as footage?

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    Link to a pretty good one in here....Drone 10x

    The YouTube footage posted by both Scirroco from his DP15x and Tremo using his Xtreme is pretty damn good with good atmospherics and sorting the reflection off the moderator from the IR source.

    More on the NV UK forum......I've been using mine to record from my 55mm lensed Xtreme on top of the air rifle shooting rats.....good footage but I won't be posting it on YouTube as once you've seen one video of rat've just about seen them all and having shot around 150 of the beggars in the last fortnight I'd die of boredom trying to edit it ( let alone film it.....but the one button power and record push of that unit is very handy)

    I've also got a Lawmate evo1 but have hardly used it as it records in asf which is a pita to convert so I can view/edit it on a Mac. Also because I don't like trailing wires all over the shop but it should fit in the same case as the fpv DVR in the link above.


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