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Thread: Oldest photo

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    Oldest photo

    Just for fun I have found an old photo of mine that I have put in the trophy room. It shows a very youthfull skinny Sikamalc with 3 Red Stags I had just bought back off the hill in Scotland. I took all 3 in 4 hours of stalking, with a 243. This was back in the distant past of 1989. These are not the first Red Stags I had shot, but it was a red letter day.

    There are many on here that have stalked longer than me, Stag1933 for a start, but it would be nice to see some old photos and the tail behind them. I will tell the story behind the photo if people want me to, but I do not want to bore anyone.

    Good to see so many new people coming to the site, and for all of you that are working on or have just passed Level 1 well done and good luck.



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    i would love to hear the stories behind this one but just be gentle as i don't think i was born then

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    Come on Malc, tell us!
    I know there are some who don't like the tales, but they don't HAVE to read them, so go on get typing!

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    Malc where are you in the photo? All I can see is Granville out of 'Open all hours'!

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    Hi Malc
    I didnt no they had colour film back then
    Mr B I didn't no granville had a moustache do you think he got them stags in the basket on his bike


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    More like Begbie from Trainspotting......!


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    Lets join in the fun, first known pic of me with deer:

    From the days when cameras weren't allow to focus and rifles were carved from a solid block of crap by a company called Parker Hale

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    Lets join in the fun

    Drew, Looks like the old P.H. was good enough in the Pic.
    I don't think mine was carved from a solid block of crap. But will soon see if it's me or the rifle.

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    True enough Old Man, it certainly did the business that day...and actually it was a well loved rifle and took a lot of beasts for me.

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    Myself, late 60s or early 70s.
    7x65R cal. with 173gr bullet. [11.2 grammes.]

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