I had a pretty productive day yesterday on one of Edward's cull day's.
First off we met up at his cottage at 5.30 in the morning with a plan of what we would be doing during the day.
We then set off (5 stalkers in all) towards our destination where Edward (Herbert) placed us in our high seats.
Nothing much happened in the morning for me anyway apart from a few squirrels chasing each other around. Plenty of deer slots and scat about but nothing showing. One of the other stalkers had seen 2 fallow as he got into his seat I wasn't sure why he didn't take one. (Maybe spooked them maybe a bit too far?).

We then stopped for lunch where we had a very nice carvery at Edwards local. Where we all had a bit of a chat about our stalking/hunting exploits.
Popped back to Edwards cottage where he showed us his trophy room very impressive! And a quick coffee before we went out for the afternoon.

Edward dropped us off at a completely different location this time. I was located on the edge of a forest block looking down a narrow ride. I set myself up nice and comfortable when I noticed some movement. Damn squirrels again! After a couple of hours or so along came a muntjac buck at the .most 30yards away. I didn't take him as bucks weren't on the menu. Within another hour along comes another muntjac buck 2 very nice bucks.
Ok then I thought to myself a doe has to show soon.
Next thing I know out pop's a roe doe about 100yards down the ride. I waited until she was broadside then dropped her on the spot then quickly cleared the ride and back into position.

About an hour goes bye and I couldn't believe my luck a muntjac doe more or less in the same area as the roe doe dropped her on the spot too.

All in all a very good day with Edward (Herbert) I will definitely be booking a day with him again. I quite fancy a go on the muntjac bucks or maybe even the roe bucks.