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    Hi all,

    Joined this hoping to get some info on how to get into Deer Stalking. I'll admit to being out of my depth as I've never really took part in any form of stalking!

    I do have some firearms experience though as a Police firearms officer and a bit of target and clay pigeon shooting. At the moment I have a shotgun certificate only and one of the first hurdles I'm facing is how to go about getting a firearms certificate with a .308 on it since the rifle club I'm in doesn't allow for shooting beyond pistol calibers - but I digress from my introduction!

    I live near Hull in East Yorkshire, I'm 27 and the names Ian!

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    Hi Ian, Welcome to the site,

    We all had to learn at some time or other, don't be put off with your future aims. 1' You want an FAC to get a .308, 2' Where will you use it ? The easy starting point will be as a member of a Full Bore rifle club. Or if you are lucky enough, 'written' permission from a land owner. The later option will require supervision for obvious reasons. Hope this may be of some help.

    Bullet Chucker.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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