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Thread: nv add on wanted

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    nv add on wanted

    Any gen 2 cobras about for sale please pm me with details and price cheers also looking for a starlight arrow if anybody's selling one cash waiting cheers
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    What was wrong with the Ward 700?

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    [QUOTE=RPA 6MM BR;1092085]What was wrong with the
    It was fine with the right scope but not with mine it works on bushnell side winders etc but no good on swavo

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    What sort of money do you want to spend? I have a high end monocle, will work great with a DSA

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    nv add on wanted

    Will find that a lot of higher end scopes will not give great picture ( digital nv)
    Due to lense coatings , & parallax needed to fine tune, to get best picture .
    Swaro known not to give greatest picture with regards to digital nv

    Can't comment on tubed tho

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    Still looking

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