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Thread: Birthday Buck for Davo

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    Birthday Buck for Davo

    I had a call from Davo telling me that he was down my neck of the woods for a few days and so I asked him along for a stalk and as I had never met Davo before I was delighted when he said yes.
    So, we met up just after 6:30 and proceed up to the land where I was hoping to find him a buck.
    We arrived and had an amble around the woods first but the ferns had grown so fast over the last week that we were never going to see anything in there. We could hear 2 maybe 3 Roe barking but we knew that it was bordering on impossible. Back out onto the field and there was a doe in the next wheat field, we could just see her ears popping up above the crops! No buck with her so we moved on and up to the farm.
    Last week I shot a 3 legged buck, with him was a young spiker, we decided that he would be our target today and as we glassed the field guess who was there! lol
    We were a good 500 yards away and so I told Davo to take the lead as it was his stalk, he did this and got into position about 120 yds from him, just then Davo turned to me and said "Fox" I told him to shoot it but he jumped over and wall and into a neighbours field, so no shot! Back to the buck, and as this was all going on another Roe appeared from the woods, our buck saw it and ran over to it, this one was a doe. He chased her over the field and into the next field, this field was ours so there was no problem, the doe started running around a gauze bush with the buck hot on her heals, then after a few minutes he'd had enough and went for a sit down at about 70 yards from Davo. Davo gave him a rest and then barked at him, he stood up and I heard the shot, I saw the buck go straight down and he never moved again. We waited the obligatory 5 minutes and then approached the animal from down wind. Davo gralloched the buck and I had just witnessed my first DSC2 stalk and what a pleasure it was too! Well done Davo and happy birthday mate. *
    I'm sure that Davo's account of the evening will be forthcoming when he gets back home after his break.

    Birthday boy..


    Start of the gralloch

    Getting in close and personal.

    The delicate bit.

    Lymph node anyone?

    Thanks again for the company Davo, you are a real gent!
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    Great write-up and those are some really good pics. No wonder Davo's got a smile a mile wide

    Look's like some beautiful country as well.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Great write up and nice pics fella.

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    Well done the both of you.
    Get some more C.W. stalks in D.M. they will stand you in good stead.

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    Great write up and pictures.
    Nice to see a buck in summer coat, all still in winter coat here in Scotland.



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    by the book, 10/10 nice pics quality to see

    what a smile some ones happy ha ha well done

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