Had a fantastic day out on Saturday with
PJ Sporting down in the Cotswolds. We met up with Phil at 5 am and followed him to the estate . My mate was taken to a high seat before first light to get set up then he came back for me . We drove to a different part and set off on foot . We stalked for about an hour before seeing our first fallow . We stood and watched a while then 6 emerged . First shot taken and I bloody missed . My excuse is nerves and adrenaline lol. We then headed back to pick mate up who had a lovely fallow . Phil then drove us to a spinney and cooked us the most fantastic breakfast . We then headed out again looking for roe does walking the hedgerows. It wasn't long before we found some . Then back for more food cooked alfresco. Towards last light I was put in another highseat he told me where to look and what to expect and my mate went off with Phil stalking . Just after dark them came and collected me .
The tally for the day was 3 roe does and 2 fallow bucks . There is plenty of deer on his ground . I recon through the day we saw approximately 200 .
Anyone looking for a day out don't hesitate to book with him . Very knowledgeable chap and great food and banter