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Thread: T-Bolt scope bases/mounts

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    T-Bolt scope bases/mounts

    Looking and can't seem to find any scope mounts or even bases in the uk most of the ones I find are USA and won't post.
    Mare the a bolts the same?

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    I very much doubt that the A-Bolt and T-Bolt bases are the same (The A-Bolt has two different sets of bases depending on action length.). Didn't the rifle come with bases?

    P.S. I see that Alan Rhone is advertising Recknagel bases for the T-Bolt.
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    The T-Bolt has a standard American 3/8 inch rail, like most .22s have. So you can use all kinds of rings for that, without any bases.
    Burris Rimfire rings are good ones and handsome, in matter or gloss blue.
    Leupold Rimfire rings fit these grooves, too.
    Talley 2-piece ringmounts screw on to the top of the receiver.

    Of course, you can mount Leupold sculpted bases and rings, but they are made for a centerfire, and cost more.
    All the two piece slot bases fit the tapped holes: Weaver, Burris, Lepold, Warne.
    Just pick a brand here, and see the ones which fit the T-Bolt.
    Mounts, Rings and Bases | SWFA

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