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Thread: Garmin Astro 220 Dog Tracking System

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    Garmin Astro 220 Dog Tracking System

    The Garmin Astro Dog Tracking System has anyone had any experince on this system, and would it be legal to use this system in the uk.

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    I've got the Astro 220 nordic for my kopov. I bought it just before Christmas. It seems to be the most popular track device in Sweden.
    People were bringing in the American version but that was illeagal to use here so Garmin bought out a Swedish version that work on the same channels as our hunting radios.
    It works very well and tells you where the dog is down to the meter.
    If you are thinking about getting one fron the States don't get the one with the sender that go's on the dogs back as the antenna have a habbit of breaking off. Get the sender on the collar. Also order the car chargeing lead as the Us one are 110v i think. Its worth while getting the forest antenna as well as this increases the range.
    I will be giving mine a good testing when we start hunting boar in October.

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    Jagare thanks, how much are you paying for the 220 with the dc 30 collar, and what frequency do you use in Sweden.

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    The Astro 220 nordic is 155mhz. Have a look at about 11.5 Sek to the pound

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    Have you seen any of these these problems yet


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    I have not heard of any problem with them over here. With the short antenna I've heard the range can be a bit limited but we have a lot of forest with undulating ground. If you are useing it on your dog to track wounded deer and your dog is 5 km away you have a serious problem on your hands. With the telescopic antenna it takes the range out to 20 km.
    Like i said its the most sold and used tracking device sold in Sweden and has had only good write ups. There are 5 of us in our hunting team who have dogs for various forms of hunting. We all use Garmin Astro.

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    Thanks I will keep in touch and let you know how i get on with our frequency laws here and with the units.

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