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    Before I start hunting a doner rifle and throw most of it away to build a 6.5x47 rifle I thought I would check if anyone is looking to sell their 6.5x47 or know of any up for sale.

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    I have one.

    Remington blueprinted action
    pacnor fluted barrel 21" 1-8 twist
    gbm magazine system
    jewell trigger
    mcmillan lazzeroni thumbhole stock green black grey
    aftermarket bolt handle

    also included
    pes t12 moderator and dies

    Looking for 1500 including RFD to your RFD

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    There's one based on a weatherby on uk varminting.
    680 rounds down the tube. 725 I think it was.


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    The Weatherby vanguard up for grabs belongs to a good mate of mine. Its got a stainless steel sporter barrel. The moddy is an ASE Ultra stainless on a 1/2" unf thread. It shoots nicely with a throat of 2.700". Ive shot it at 250yds for group testing. It does 0.75" 4 shot groups with a rough load of RL15 powder and 123gn scenars. It can do a lot better grouping as Ive had it doing a 1/2" group at 250yds. Thats with even finer load tweaking and varget powder.

    It also comes with a 1/2" muzzle break if you prefer shooting without moddys. The trigger on it is also fully adjustable for both creep and weight.
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