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Thread: semi semi auto?

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    Nothing new under the sun there! The Savage Model 7A (.22RF) was doing that before WWII. I had one. With a 'scope just like in the picture in the 1980s. Basically the bolt is held back until the trigger is let go.

    So the firing sequence is load the rifle and chamber a round.

    Pull the trigger. The round is fired. The bolt comes back, ejects the round, and is remains back UNTIL the trigger is released.

    On releasing the trigger, to allow it to go forward, the bolt goes forward and carries a round up into the chamber.

    BUT the rifle does not then fire. The trigger must be pulled. The cycle then repeats.

    So it is not an open bolt system as on an SMG but a closed bolt system. Where what the thumb piece does on the Verney-Carron the trigger does on the Savage Model 7A.

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    Its looks to be a similar function to the SGC lever release (Unicorn) rifle, which is legal, one trigger pull - one shot. So unless it has some strange internal system thats uses a different system it is legal under UK law

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    Yes. It is legal as it does not automatically load another round buts need for an additional operation (made by the shooter).

    Here's the 1988 Firearms (Amendment) Act:

    In section 57 of the principal Act (definitions) after subsection (2) there shall be inserted
    In this Act “self-loading” and “pump-action” in relation to any weapon mean respectively that it is designed or adapted (otherwise than as mentioned in section 5(1)(a)) so that it is automatically re-loaded or that it is so designed or adapted that it is re-loaded by the manual operation of the fore-end or forestock of the weapon.

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    It also has the added bonus of using rifle calibre, bottle neck rounds as opposed to the pistol, straight walled rounds of the SGC

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    This is clearly of interest to UK shooters, given that self-loaders are forbidden here and this is likely to be lawful.

    They can't have developed it for our market alone, though: I wonder whether it gives very nearly the full funtionality of a SLR, while allowing the use of larger magazines than are permitted for 'hunting' with such rifles in countries where they may be lawfully owned?

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    Interesting rifle, could be great for driven boar.

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    This sort of thing (easy manual release of the bolt) is also available from other manufacturers.

    Interesting as this one has been 'forensically tested/approved as a section 1 firearm'. They don't say who did the testing but I'd guess it's all covered.


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