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Thread: Cheap quad for someone

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    Cheap quad for someone

    300cc 4x4 Kawasaki Bayou.
    High and low 4x4, new rear tyres, recently serviced, new exhaust, battery etc etc.

    Bit battered, and front tyres will need replacing in a few months.

    Please pm your email and I will send you pictures and further details.

    Reason for sale is I have a new 500cc Honda which I use all the time.

    Location is Dorset.
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    Is this quad road legal please Sako?

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    Hi Danger Mouse,
    Sadly it is not road legal.

    However I do have a 500cc Honda which is and might sell that. Would be after 4000 for that one though.

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    Thats a good price for a bullet proof quad. I have a Kawasaki KVF 360, which is not much different to a bayou and it has 18000 miles and still drags my oversize arse all over the place, bargain waiting to be had IMHO.

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    Shame you're so far away.......I'd have bitten your hand off.

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    Aye, seldom a bargain like that up north!!! Maybe we're just too generous and part with our money too easily

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    Guys, sorry but the quad is now not for sale.
    Whilst andystalker was on it yesterday we noticed that the crank was split and oil was leaking in reasonable quantities!

    Really can only now be sold for spares and repairs hence take it away price of 125.

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    could still be interested any pic's and a post code for milege pm please atb noel

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